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Steps You Need to Include Before You Get Your Sap License Audit

For most of the businesses out there problems arise when it comes to SAP license audit, you will not face this if you have all the details. Now is the right time for you to make proper preparations and plans that will ensure that your organizations is well prepared and ready to handle the process with ease. You will find that you will not only be ready for the audit procedure when you follow the points here but you can be assured also of a great save of millions of money that you could have lost through the process.

First thing is that you need to ensure that you evaluate the current SAP license standing. You will basically need to determine how you can understand the indirect usages, consumptions and the forecast of the users as well as the engine licenses.

Proper SAP standings can help you make sound decisions on whether you need to carry out the short period license management project. The main aim of this case is to ensure that you are able to pull everything together and ensure that you actually lowered the tricks that you may have sunk into whenever you improve the allocation licensure. Be able to also identify and understand the engine licensure metrics that have been considered over the years. When you have the details here you can now be able to build a license forecast for the SAP users.

Choose a forecast that will check the direct and indirect users so that you know what you need to be allocating each one of them. The procedure will help you in the proper analysis of the direct users and information that would help you know how this is needed as it really means much in what you have been including in the best way possible. You will need to have an analysis of the user transaction histories and ensure that all the duplicate users are removed accordingly. You will also need to ensure that proper running of stimulation and basically helps on the business plans and see if you have enough licenses for your direct users. For both of your direct and indirect users, you will need to ensure that you check the details that have been considered and other important adjustments that may be needed after studying and analyzing the SAP license status.

Once you have determined all the details you will then need to know if you need to acquire additional licenses or not. The main part is to ensure that you follow the steps above as they can help you know the decision to make on the SAP license that you need to acquire or after what duration.

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